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My Dear Professional Colleagues,

In words of Robert Noyce, “Knowledge is power; and Knowledge shared is Power Multiplied”. At our Branch we understand the importance of knowledge sharing and how it helps empower the CA members. Over the years we have continuously engaged members and other stake holders in knowledge sharing and continued learning. The quest for learning could not even be subdued by a global pandemic, instead only helped us to move towards a digital ecosystem.

As the nation pays tribute to father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi Ji and Lal Bahadur Shastri Ji on their birth anniversary on 2nd October, we must seek lessons from their lives, learn from the values and principles that they stood for and propagated throughout their life. Truth, non- violence, austerity, simplicity, perseverance, philanthropy and cleanliness are some of the virtues Gandhi Ji practiced throughout his life. He taught us that having self-faith and self-confidence is one’s greatest strength, humanity is the greatest religion and truth is akin to God. Shastri Ji our second Prime Minister was known for his simplicity. We must learn the values and imbibe in our lives.

                      “If you want to walk fast, walk alone. But if you want to walk                          far, walk together”.

                                                            - Ratan Tata

This quote by legendary industrialist and philanthropist Mr. Ratan Tata, highlights that far-fetched targets can be easily achieved by working together as a team. As chartered accountants, we have played a major role in this recovery, as we tirelessly helped business to stabilize and recover from the repercussion of Covid 19. However, the task is still far from completed and we shall ensure that we continue the business as always.

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Virtual CPE Meeting
Virtual CPE Meeting


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