Dear Professional colleagues,

April being the first month of financial year we have to plan our professional engagements very carefully. I hope all of you have completed the bank audit assignment successfully on time. As expected second wave of Covid 19 curfew and lockdown was announced by the government.

Amid pandemic surge study Circle meet for students on GST– entitled “Impact of Finance Act and recent developments “was organized in the branch on 17th April 2021. Active participation of students made this program a grand success.

As we planned, Covid vaccination drive program was conducted for eligible members and their family members at SUNAG Hospital on 3rd of April.

Our Udupi branch conducted the Professional Trophy 2021 for Chartered Accountants, Engineers, Doctors and Advocates of Udupi Region on 18th April 2021 at M.G.M College ground. It was a grand success as all professionals took active part in this event with true sportsmanship spirit. It was a real joy to watch as accounting, medical, legal and engineering professionals were out on that sunny morning leaving their busy official engagements aside, involved in a game of cricket for the sake of mutuality and brotherhood. Hearty congratulations to Engineers team for winning the Trophy this year and I commend my colleagues for lifting the Runners up trophy for the year. I must thank my committee members for their all out efforts to make the event a memorable one.

During the month ICITSS IT and ICITSS OC for students was successfully conducted by our Udupi branch, even though second wave of Covid resulted in lock down from 18th of April.

The saying "Health is Wealth" has never been truer than now. As our country struggles to fight the second wave of Covid-19, let's do our bit to keep our loved ones safe.


Work from home does not mean diminished work. Stay on track of all your tasks, access all your client files, receive all billing and invoice updates - do all of it from your home.


A positive frame of mind is the need of the hour! Stay at home...stay safe...break the chain...educate the Society.


I request the members to take active part in the institute activity and give valuable suggestions.


Yours in Professional service


(Chairperson 2021-2022)